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The Happy Hunters on Fire

Charles and Frances Hunter
Charles and Frances Hunter, the Happy Hunters, were known around the world as the most anointed and energetic healing evangelists during their generation.  They ministered in 49 nations around the world.  In one service they saw 100 people get out of wheelchairs!  They had an incredible anointing for healing and the baptism with the Holy Spirit. 

On October 16, 1984, the Happy Hunters ministered at a church in Rotterdam, Holland, called Kom en Zie.  On the final day of the conference, they ministered the baptism with fire.  Here are some excerpts:

Charles said that the baptism with fire “burns sin out of people’s lives…Only the holy will see God.  Jesus said He would be back for a Bride without spot or blemish…God is again sending fire upon the earth. Many scores of times in the past two years, God has sent fire in.  When people begin to say, ‘I want to be perfect like Jesus is. I want to be crucified with Christ. I want to live a holy life.  I want only to please Jesus.  When people come to do that, many times God has let the people see fire in the spirit realm.” 

He went on to cite some examples from Hawaii.  He said, “On the island of Maui, a woman ran forward and said, ‘I’m frightened!’  So they asked, ‘Why are you frightened?’  She replied, ‘Laying over the whole audience there is an orange flame of fire about two inches thick!’ God sent His fire down to burn the sin out of people’s lives.”

He continued, “On the island of Oahu, in a church, the glory cloud came in…it looks like smoke, and fills the room.”  The smoke was up in the balcony, and the Lord told Charles that He was healing the people in the balcony first.  So Charles began to point to the people in the balcony and command healing upon them.  Afterward some people said that they could see lightning come out of his hands when he did that.  He said that this was fire of God.  Frances then read from Habakkuk, “His radiance is like the sunlight; He has rays flashing from His hand, And there is the hiding of His power.” (Hab 3:4)

She said, “There are many who speak in tongues, but do not have any fire in them.”

Charles said, “In a congregation in Florida, when we asked Jesus to baptize everyone with fire, we saw that there was an angel for each person.”  He said that the angels each had a wire of fire that was screwed into each person’s head.  Jesus told Charles that He was “electrocuting everybody and burning out self.”

Charles said, “The baptism of fire sends fire through every part of your body.  It gives you a love for God and a hatred for evil like you never have before.”  After he imparted the baptism of fire to the congregation in Rotterdam, he said, “God said, ‘I am a consuming fire.’ And because God lives in you, expect fire to come forth from within you.  If you have been baptized with the Holy Spirit and with fire, then not only will you have power, you will have fire to burn the sin out of people.” 

Then he said that while they were all singing in the Spirit and he prayed for the Lord to baptize them with fire, he saw little flames coming off their fingertips, and something like “raindrops” of fire coming down upon them.  Frances said she felt like her whole body was on fire.

Putting it All Together
In these last days right before the Lord returns, He is baptizing His people with fire once again.  Let me encourage you to pray, "I want to be perfect like Jesus is. I want to be crucified with Christ. I want to live a holy life.  I want only to please Jesus." Pray, “No matter what it takes, Lord, I need the baptism of fire. Just do it."  Then expect Him to do it!

Attribution notice: Scripture quotation taken from the NASB.

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